Jonadab (son of Shimea)
The Lexham Bible Dictionary
Jonadab, Son of Shimea
Jonadab, Son of Shimea (יְהוֹנָדָב‎, yehonadav). A friend of Amnon who helped Amnon form a plan to rape Tamar (2 Sam 13:3, 5). He later informed David that Amnon was dead (2 Sam 13:32, 35). Jonadab was the son of David’s brother Shimea.
The Anchor Yale Bible Dictionary
Jonadab (Person)
JONADAB (PERSON) [Heb yonādāb (יָנָדָב)]. Var. JEHONADAB. The name of two men in the OT. The name may mean “Yahu is liberal,” “… is noble,” and it has been found on an ancient Heb seal (TPNAH, 82, 351).1. The son of Shimeah, David’s brother. He is a friend of Amnon, and advises Amnon how to seduce
Baker Encyclopedia of the Bible
Jehonadab. Alternate name for Jonadab, Rechab’s son, in 2 Kings 10:15, 23.See Jonadab #2.
Jonadab. 1. King David’s nephew, the son of David’s brother Shimeah. As the friend to David’s son Amnon, he devised a scheme by which Amnon seduced his half sister Tamar (2 Sm 13:3, 5). Absalom, Tamar’s brother, sought revenge by killing Amnon.2. Rechab’s son; descendant of the Kenites and Calebites
The International Standard Bible Encyclopedia, Revised
Jehonadab je-hoʹno-dab = JONADAB joʹne-dab [Heb. yehônāḏāḇ, yônāḏāḇ—‘Yahweh is noble, liberal,’ or ‘Yahweh has impelled’].
1. Son of Shimeah, the brother of King David (2 S. 13:3, 5, 32, 35; RSV, NEB Jonadab), who helped Amnon seduce his sister. This scheme was probably intended to assist Amnon in claiming the throne, according to the principles of matriarchal succession which are reflected elsewhere in the narratives of
Tyndale Bible Dictionary
JONADAB1. King David’s nephew, the son of David’s brother Shimeah. As a friend to David’s son Amnon, he devised a scheme by which Amnon seduced his half sister Tamar (2 Sm 13:3–5). Absalom, Tamar’s brother, sought revenge, eventually killing Amnon.2. Recab’s son; descendant of the Kenites (1 Chr 2:55;
The HarperCollins Bible Dictionary (Revised and Updated)
Jonadab (joh´nuh-dab; Heb., meaning uncertain, perhaps “the Lord is noble”; a shortened form of Jehonadab, 2 Kings 10:15, 23).1 The son of David’s brother Shimeah (Shimea); he was the cousin of David’s son Amnon. He gave Amnon the plan that led to Amnon’s rape of his half sister Tamar (2 Sam. 13:3–5).
The Wycliffe Bible Encyclopedia
JEHONADAB. Alternate form of Jonadab (q.v.). The English in 2 Sam 13 and Jer 35 consistently calls him Jonadab, but the Heb. varies the longer and shorter forms. Jehonadab is found only in 2 Kgs 10:15, 23.
JONADAB. A shorter and alternate form of Jehonadab (q.v.).1. Son of Shimeah and nephew of David (2 Sam 13:3, 5, 32, 35). A crafty man, he suggested how Amnon might rape his half-sister Tamar. Later he reported the details of Amnon’s death to King David. He may have been the same as or brother of the
The New Bible Dictionary, Third Edition
JEHONADAB (Heb. yehônāḏāḇ ‘Yahweh is liberal’). Jonadab is an alternative form of this name. 1. Son of Shimeah, David’s brother. His cunning enabled his friend Amnon, David’s son, to obtain his foul desire on Tamar, Amnon’s half-sister (2 Sa. 13:3–5). His knowledge of the death of Amnon would seem
Eerdmans Dictionary of the Bible
Jonadab (Heb. yônāḏāḇ) (also JEHONADAB)1. The son of David’s brother Shimeah (2 Sam. 13:3; yĕhônāḏāḇ in v. 5). David’s son Amnon was infatuated with his half-sister Tamar, and Jonadab, who is described as a “very crafty man,” counseled him to feign sickness and request of his father that
Eerdmans Bible Dictionary
Jonadab [jōˊnə dăb] (Heb. yônāḏāḇ, yehônāḏāḇ “Yahweh is generous” or “noble” or “Yahweh has impelled”).† The forms Jonadab and Jehonadab alternate.
Catholic Bible Dictionary
JONADAB (Hebrew, “the Lord is noble”) The name of two men in the Old Testament.1. The son of David’s brother Shimeah. He was a friend of Amnon and gave him advice on how to seduce and rape his half sister Tamar (2 Sam 13:3–5).2. The son of Rechab and the leader of the Rechabites in the ninth century
Smith’s Bible Dictionary
Jehon´adab (whom Jehovah impels) and Jon´adab, the son of Rechab, founder of the Rechabites, an Arab chief. When Jehu was advancing, after the slaughter of Betheked, on the city of Samaria, he was suddenly met by Jehonadab, who joined with him in “slaying all that remained unto Ahab.” 2 Kings 10:15–17.
Jon´adab (whom Jehovah impels).1. Son of Shimeah and nephew of David. (b.c. 1033.) He is described as “very subtile.” 2 Sam. 13:3. His age naturally made him the friend of his cousin Amnon, heir to the throne. 2 Sam. 13:3. He gave him the fatal advice for ensnaring his sister Tamar. ch. 13:5, 6. Again,
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