John of Leiden
b. 1509 – d. January 22, 1536 • Anabaptist • Ruler
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John of Leyden
John of Leyden (1510–1536). John of Leyden was the leader of the radical, militant Münsterite *Anabaptist group that seized the northern German town of Münster and attempted to establish a kingdom of saints. Awaiting the return of Christ to Münster and the commencement of a thousand-year reign of peace
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John of Leyden
John of Leyden (1509–1536)Anabaptist leader in Münster (also known as Jan Beukelssen or John Bockelsohn)John, a tailor of Leyden, was one of many Anabaptists, followers of Melchior Hofmann, who flocked to Münster after a public disputation in which both the Lutheran and Roman Catholic speakers were