John Woolman
b. October 18, 1720 – d. October 7, 1772 • Abolitionist • Quaker
The Oxford Dictionary of the Christian Church
Woolman, John
Woolman, John (1720–72), American *Quaker preacher. A native of Northampton, nr. Burlington, NJ, he led a long campaign against slavery from 1743 till his death, constantly travelling among the Quaker communities in America in support of Negro rights. In 1772 he crossed to England to further the interests
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Woolman, John
Woolman, John (1720–1772)Colonial American Quaker who advocated the abolition of slaveryBorn in Northampton, New Jersey, Woolman was raised on the family farm. His grandfather had been among the first settlers in Quaker West Jersey, just across the Delaware from the land destined to become the center