John Wood Oman
b. 1860 – d. 1939 • Presbyterian • Theologian
The Oxford Dictionary of the Christian Church
Oman, John Wood
Oman, John Wood (1860–1939), *Presbyterian theologian. From 1889 to 1907 he was minister at Alnwick, Northumberland. From 1907 to 1935 he was professor at, and from 1925 to 1935 principal of, Westminster College, Cambridge. His early interest in F. D. E. *Schleiermacher, of whose Speeches on Religion
Encyclopedia of the Reformed Faith
Oman, John Wood
Oman, John Wood (1860–1939)British Presbyterian theologian, professor at Westminster College, Cambridge (1907–35), and principal (1922–35). Oman was Moderator of the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church of England (1931).Oman’s intensely personalistic theology was expressed in Grace and Personality
The Dictionary of Historical Theology
Oman, John (1860–1939)
Oman, John (1860–1939)John Wood Oman was born in the Orkneys and studied at Edinburgh University, before proceeding to the United Presbyterian Theological Hall for his ministerial training, which included semesters at Erlangen and Heidelberg. Failing to find a charge in Scotland, he entered the ministry
New Dictionary of Theology: Historical and Systematic
Oman, John Wood (1860–1939)
OMAN, JOHN WOOD (1860–1939)John Oman was born in Orkney and educated at Edinburgh and Heidelberg. He was Presbyterian minister at Alnwick, Northumberland, from 1889 to 1907 before becoming professor at, and principal of, Westminster College, Cambridge. Deeply concerned about the crisis for Christianity
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Oman, John Wood
Oman, John Wood (1860–1939)Presbyterian theologianBorn in Orkney, Oman studied at Edinburgh, Erlangen, Heidelberg, and Neuchatel, then became a minister at Alnwick, Northumberland, in 1889. Eighteen years later he went as professor of systematic theology and apologetics to Westminster College, Cambridge