John Smyth
d. August 28, 1612 • Religious group founder
The Oxford Dictionary of the Christian Church
Smyth, or Smith, John
Smyth, or Smith, John (1570–1612), the ‘Se-Baptist’ and reputed founder of the *General Baptists. Educated at Christ’s College, Cambridge, of which he became a Fellow in 1594, he was ordained in the C of E. He became a *Puritan preacher at *Lincoln (1600–2) and later (by 1607) was a *Separatist pastor
Compton’s Encyclopedia
Smith or Smyth, John
Smith or Smyth, John(died 1612). John Smith (or Smyth) is the founder of the organized Baptist churches in England. John Smith attended Christ College, Cambridge, from 1594 to 1598. He served as a priest in the Church of England until 1606, when he left to become a Separatist. In 1608 he moved to Holland
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John Smyth
Denominational FoundersJohn SmythThe “Se-Baptist”“Baptism is not washing with water: but it is the baptism of the Spirit, the confession of the mouth, and the washing with water.”When he was exiled to Amsterdam from his native England, John Smyth gathered three dozen of his followers around
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Smyth, John
Smyth, John (c. 1560–1612)Founder of the English General BaptistsJohn Smyth (pronounced “Smith”) was educated at Cambridge University and ordained a minister of the Church of England. While attached to the Anglican cathedral at Lincoln, he was drawn to Puritan and separatistic views. For these he was