John Owen
b. 1616 – d. August 24, 1683 • Theologian
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Owen, John
Owen, John (1616–83), *Puritan divine and statesman. He was educated at Queen’s College, Oxford, but ejected in 1637 under W. *Laud’s Statutes. In 1642 he obtained the living of Fordham in Essex, and in 1647 became vicar of Coggeshall. Originally a Presbyterian, he had come to believe with J. *Milton
Encyclopedia of the Reformed Faith
Owen, John
Owen, John (1616–1683)Puritan divine of the Congregational Way and major adviser and participant in Oliver Cromwell’s ‘religious settlement of England (1650’s). After study at Oxford, Owen was episcopally ordained and served as a parish minister in Essex. In the Civil War, he sided with Parliament and
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Owen, John (1616–83)
Owen, John (1616–83)A leading *Puritan theologian, Owen was of Presbyterian conviction within the established English church but took the position of an Independent (Congregationalist) after being persuaded that the local congregation should be relatively autonomous. Called to preach before the Council
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Owen, John
Owen, John (1616–1683). English *Puritanism’s premier *apologist for Reformed theology, Owen was influential as a writer, pastor, member of Parliament and dean of Christ’s Church, London. Owen identified first with the Presbyterian *Puritans, but in 1646 he became a Congregationalist. His preaching led
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Owen, John
Owen, John (1616–1683). An English *Puritan theologian and prolific writer. Owen was trained at Oxford and spent his life serving in a variety of different academic, political and pastoral capacities. His career included an army chaplaincy under Oliver Cromwell, the vice chancellorship of Oxford University
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Owen, John
Owen, John (1616–83). A Puritan theologian committed to congregational church government. Educated at Queen’s College, Oxford, he became sympathetic to Puritanism’s cause within the Established Church. After ordination he saw himself first as a presbyterian Puritan, but after careful study he adopted
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Owen, John (1616–83)
OWEN, JOHN (1616–83)Called by some ‘the Calvin of England’ and by others ‘the greatest of the Puritan scholastics’, Owen is widely considered the theological giant among the *Puritans. Born in a home of Puritan persuasion, young John was educated at Queen’s College, Oxford University, receiving first
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Owen, John
Owen, John (1616–1683)Leading theologian of the Congregational churchesBorn at Stadhampton, Oxfordshire, Owen was educated at Queen’s College, Oxford, where he studied classics and theology and was ordained. Because of the “high-church” innovations introduced by Archbishop William Laud, he left the