John Nelson Darby
b. November 18, 1800 – d. April 29, 1882 • Teacher
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Darby, John Nelson
Darby, John Nelson (1800–82), *Plymouth Brother and founder of the ‘Darbyites’. He was ordained to a title in Wicklow c. 1826, but resigned in 1827, and shortly after joined a sect called the ‘Brethren’, then newly founded by A. N. Groves, which rejected all Church order and outward forms. In 1845 a
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Darby, John Nelson (1800–82)
Darby, John Nelson (1800–82)An evangelical Anglican clergyman who seceded to become the most prominent leader of the Brethren (often miscalled ‘Plymouth Brethren’) and the effective founder of *Dispensationalism and its distinctive form of premillennialism. Caught up in contemporary excitement over
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Darby, John
Darby (John).—English sectarian, founder of the Plymouth Brethren. Died in 1882. See Plymouth Brethren.
The Westminster Dictionary of Theologians
Darby, John Nelson
Darby, John Nelson (1800–82). Key character in the establishment of the denomination called the Plymouth Brethren, who are still known in Europe as Darbyites. He came from an aristocratic Anglo-Irish family. He studied law and then theology at Trinity College in Dublin. In 1825 he was ordained in the
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Darby, John Nelson
Darby, John NelsonJohn Nelson Darby (1800–1882) is the well-known originator of dispensationalist eschatology; after his death, the Scofield Reference Bible (1909) popularized his views. Darby was at one time an Anglican clergyman, and also a leader of the Plymouth Brethren. He interpreted a number
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Darby, John Nelson
Darby, John Nelson (1800–1882). Irish by birth, Darby lived most of his life as an English clergyman, first with the Church of England, then as the theological leader of the newly formed *Plymouth Brethren and finally as the founder of the Darbyites. Darby’s major theological work, Synopsis, laid down
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John Nelson Darby
Pastors and PreachersJohn Nelson DarbyFather of dispensationalism“The Christian is directed to turn away from evil and turn to the Scriptures.”“The church is in ruins,” wrote John Darby, then a successful Anglican priest in Ireland. Echoing the lamentations of Protestant reformers three centuries
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Darby, John Nelson
Darby, John Nelson (1800–1882). The most influential British leader of the separatist Plymouth Brethren movement (also known as Darbyites) and systematizer of premillennial dispensationalism. His ideas pervaded late-nineteenth-century millenarianism and became a prominent element in American fundamentalism.
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Darby, John Nelson (1800–82)
DARBY, JOHN NELSON (1800–82)The Anglo-Irish Darby was a founding father of the Brethren movement, a formative influence on modern forms of *dispensationalism, and an influential exponent of premillennialism (see *Millennium). While serving as curate in the Church of Ireland at Calary, Co. Wicklow, he
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Darby, John Nelson
Darby, John Nelson (1800–1882)Distinguished leader among the Plymouth Brethren; Bible translator and commentatorBorn into a prominent Anglo-Irish family, Darby received his early education at Westminster School in London. When he was fifteen his family moved to reside in an ancestral castle in Ireland.