John Knox
b. 1514 – d. November 24, 1572 • Author • Protestant Reformer • Religious group founder
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Knox, John
Knox, John (c. 1513–72), Scottish Reformer. He was born at Haddington, educated at Glasgow and possibly St Andrews, received minor orders, perhaps even the priesthood, and set up as a notary in his native town. Having given up his profession he became a private tutor c. 1544, and soon afterwards, under
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Knox, John
Knox, John (c. 1514–1571)Knox was born at Haddington, Scotland; was educated at St. Andrews, probably under the conciliarist John Major; and was ordained (1536). Thomas Guillaume converted him to Protestantism, and he subsequently came under the influence of John Rough and George Wishart.Knox went
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Knox, John (1513–72)
Knox, John (1513–72)Protestant Reformer, preacher, theologian and historian, Knox is the best known, most admired and most hated man of his generation in Scotland. Little is known of his early life until he came under the influence of the Zwinglian Reformer, George Wishart, to whom he acted the part
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Knox, John
Knox, John(1514–72). The leader of the Protestant Reformation in Scotland was John Knox. For years he lived in exile or was hunted as an outlaw at home. Courageous and dogmatic, he finally established Presbyterianism as Scotland’s national church.Little is known of Knox’s early life. Probably he was
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Knox, John
Knox, John (ca. 1514–72). Leader of the Protestant reformation in Scotland. He had a turbulent life, living in exile for several years and suffering persecution when in his own country. Bold and dogmatic, he helped Presbyterianism become the chief Protestant body in Scotland.Ordained in 1536, K. also
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Knox, John
Knox, John (c. 1513–1572). Scottish Protestant reformer Knox was born in Haddington, East Lothian, and educated at the University of Glasgow and possibly at the University of St. Andrews. Although a Roman Catholic by training, Knox was won over to the Protestant faith by martyr George Wishar, and identified
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Knox, John
Knox, John (1513–1572). A prominent leader of the *Scottish Reformation. Knox was born in Haddington, educated at St Andrews and ordained a Roman Catholic priest in 1536. Persuaded to the Protestant cause under the martyr George Wishart, he pastored an English congregation for five years before fleeing
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John Knox
Denominational FoundersJohn KnoxPresbyterian with a sword“The sword of justice is God’s, and if princes and rulers fail to use it, others may.”He was a minister of the Christian gospel who advocated violent revolution. He was considered one of the most powerful preachers of his day, but only
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Knox, John
Knox, John (1514?–72). A Scottish Reformer who pursued a prolonged career of preaching and writing on behalf of Protestantism. After a short term of preaching at St. Andrews Castle and nineteen months of captivity as a galley slave of the French, Knox became pastor of an English congregation (1549–54).
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Knox, John (c. 1514–72)
KNOX, JOHN (c. 1514–72)The principal theologian and architect of the Reformed Kirk of Scotland, Knox was born at Haddington and educated at St Andrews University, possibly under John Major (1467–1550), an advocate of *scholasticism and conciliarism. Following his ordination in 1536, Knox held minor
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Knox, John
Knox, John (1514–1572)Scottish reformerBorn in or near Haddington, East Lothian, Scotland, Knox was the son of a middle-class farmer. The Knoxes apparently held their lands from the earl of Bothwell whom Knox later acknowledged as his feudal superior. After school at Haddington, Knox probably attended