John Jewel
b. May 24, 1522 – d. September 23, 1571 • Bishop • Protestant
The Oxford Dictionary of the Christian Church
Jewel, John
Jewel, John (1522–71), Bp. of *Salisbury. Educated at Merton and Corpus Christi Colleges, Oxford, he was elected in 1542 a Fellow of Corpus. After 1547, largely through the influence of *Peter Martyr, he became one of the intellectual leaders of the Reforming party. Under *Mary, Jewel signed a set
The Westminster Dictionary of Theologians
Jewel, John
Jewel, John (1522–71). Bishop of Salisbury who was educated in Merton and Corpus Christi colleges at Oxford. He became one of the intellectual leaders of the reforming party. During the reign of Mary Tudor, J. agreed to sign a series of articles against Protestantism, but in spite of this action he was
New Dictionary of Theology: Historical and Systematic
Jewel, John (1522–71)
JEWEL, JOHN (1522–71)Born in Devonshire, John Jewel was educated at Oxford, where he became Reader of Humanities and Rhetoric. He was ordained a priest in 1551. When Mary Tudor (r. 1553–58) as queen attempted to restore Catholicism in England, Jewel lost his Readership and fled to the Continent.Jewel
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Jewel, John
Jewel, John (1522–1571)Bishop of Salisbury; defender of the Protestant Church of EnglandBorn in Devon, Jewel was educated at Merton College, Oxford, where he was introduced to recent English translations of the New Testament. Later he moved to Corpus Christi College. There he worked so hard that he