John Howard
b. September 2, 1726 – d. January 20, 1790 • Church Reformer
The Oxford Dictionary of the Christian Church
Howard, John
Howard, John (c. 1726–90), English philanthropist and prison reformer. A man of Evangelical piety, he was a moderate *Calvinist and though his second wife was a Churchwoman and he accompanied her to the local parish church, he remained a Dissenter (Independent) throughout his life. He maintained a wide
Compton’s Encyclopedia
Howard, John
Howard, John(1726–90). The John Howard Association in the United States perpetuates both the name and the work of the 18th-century English prison reformer. Howard was a man of considerable wealth who devoted much of his time and money to worthy causes. Apart from prison reform he promoted public health
Dictionary of Phrase and Fable
Philanthropist (The). John Howard, who spent much of his life in visiting the prisons and hospitals of Europe. (1726–1790.) (Greek, phil-anthrōpos.)
Who’s Who in Christian History
Howard, John
Howard, John (c. 1726–1790)English philanthropist and prison reformerBorn in London, Howard lost his mother and father early in life; but, being left in a reasonable financial position he traveled on the Continent before settling in Stoke Newington, near London. In 1751 he married his landlady who