John Hooper
d. February 9, 1555 • Bishop • Church Reformer • Martyr • Protestant Reformer
The Oxford Dictionary of the Christian Church
Hooper, John
Hooper, John (c. 1495–1555), Bp. of *Gloucester and *Worcester, and Protestant martyr. A native of Somerset, he was educated at Oxford before entering the *Cistercian Priory of Cleeve. On the dissolution of the religious houses he went to London and began to interest himself in the Continental Reformers,
The Westminster Dictionary of Theologians
Hooper, John
Hooper, John (ca. 1495–1555). Anglican bishop and martyr. He was born in Somerset and studied in Oxford, then became a monk. The dissolution of his monastic order under Henry VIII led him to London, where he studied the writings of ⇒Zwingli and ⇒Bullinger, after which he returned to Oxford to promote
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Hooper, John
Hooper, John (died 1555)Church of England bishop; Protestant martyrThe date of his birth in Somerset is not known, but Hooper was educated at Oxford, where he then entered a monastic house. When the dissolution of the monasteries came, he moved to London, where he adopted views of the Reformation.