John Frith
b. 1503 – d. July 4, 1533 • Author • Martyr • Protestant
The Oxford Dictionary of the Christian Church
Frith, John
Frith, John (c. 1503–33), Protestant martyr. He was educated at Eton and graduated from King’s College, Cambridge. In 1525 T. *Wolsey made him a junior canon of his newly founded ‘Cardinal College’ (Christ Church), Oxford. In 1528 he was imprisoned for heresy, but escaped to the Continent, where he assisted
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Frith, John
Frith, John (1503–1533)English reformer, scholar, and martyrFrith received his bachelor’s degree from King’s College, Cambridge in 1525. While serving as a canon of Cardinal (Christ’s Church) College, he actively preached Protestant doctrines. After a brief imprisonment, he was forced to flee. He escaped