John Dryden
b. August 19, 1631 – d. May 12, 1700 • Poet
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Dryden, John
Dryden, John (1631–1700), poet, dramatist, and controversial writer. Of *Puritan upbringing, he served in a civilian capacity under O. *Cromwell, whose death he commemorated in Heroic Stanzas (1659). Astrea Redux (1660), written to celebrate the return of *Charles II, included a plea for clemency for
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Dryden, John
Dryden, John(1631–1700). The most important literary figure in England during the last quarter of the 17th century was John Dryden. He wrote plays, poems, essays, and satires of great popularity. His clear and precise style was the model for 18th-century English prose.John Dryden was born on Aug. 9,
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Dryden, John
Dryden, John (1631–1700)English critic, dramatist, and poetBorn in a vicarage in Northamptonshire and educated at Trinity College, Cambridge, Dryden was the most eminent literary figure in England during the last four decades of the seventeenth century. His life and work reflected most of the major