John Carroll
b. January 8, 1735 – d. December 3, 1815 • Bishop
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Carroll, John
Carroll, John (1736–1815), Abp. of Baltimore and first bishop of the RC hierarchy in the USA. A native of Upper Marlborough, Maryland, he was educated at *St-Omer in Flanders. He entered the *Jesuit noviciate in 1753, was ordained priest in 1769, and during the next four years taught philosophy and
Compton’s Encyclopedia
Carroll, John (1)
Carroll, John(1735–1815). The first Roman Catholic bishop in the United States was John Carroll. He was a member of the distinguished Carroll family of Maryland and a cousin of Charles Carroll, a signer of the Declaration of Independence. John Carroll was born in Upper Marlboro, Md., on Jan. 8, 1735.
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Carroll, John
Carroll (John) (1735–1815).—American prelate; was born in Maryland. He was educated in France and was a member of the “Society of Jesus” until its suppression by Pope Clement XIV., when he returned to America. Pius VI., appointed him Prefect Apostolic, and five years later, in 1789, made him Bishop of
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Carroll, John
Carroll, John (1735–1815)First Roman Catholic bishop in America; first archbishop of BaltimoreCarroll was born in Upper Marlborough, Maryland, was educated at St. Omer’s College in Flanders, completed training in the Society of Jesus at Watten, Leige, and Bruges (Belguim), and was ordained a priest