John Caird
b. December 15, 1820 – d. July 30, 1898 • Philosopher • Theologian
The Oxford Dictionary of the Christian Church
Caird, John
Caird, John (1820–98), elder brother of the preceding, divine and philosopher. In 1845 he entered the ministry of the Church of Scotland and in 1862 was elected professor of divinity at Glasgow. In 1873 he became Principal of Glasgow University. Like his brother, he was a Neo-*Hegelian, though somewhat
Encyclopedia of the Reformed Faith
Caird, John
Caird, John (1820–1898)Scottish Presbyterian philosopher-theologian, educated at the University of Glasgow and Divinity Hall. After parish work, Caird taught theology at Glasgow (1862) and became university principal (1873).Caird emphasized union with the living Christ rather than the atoning death.
Who’s Who in Christian History
Caird, John
Caird, John (1820–1898)Scottish theologian and philosopherJohn Caird was born in industrial Greenock, graduated from Glasgow University, and became a leading advocate of the philosophical school that revived the teachings of German philosopher Hegel (1770–1831). Caird was ordained in the Church of