John Barclay
b. January 28, 1582 – d. August 15, 1621 • Author • Poet • Religious group founder
The Oxford Dictionary of the Christian Church
Barclay, John
Barclay, John (1734–98), founder of the ‘*Bereans’ (q.v.) or ‘Barclayites’. The son of a farmer at Muthill in Perthshire, he was educated at St Andrews University, where he came under the influence of Archibald Campbell (1691–1756), professor of Church history, whose teaching was attracting attention
Who’s Who in Christian History
Barclay, John
BARCLAY, JOHN (1734–1798)Scottish minister and founder of the BereansBorn in Muthill, Barclay graduated with an M.A. from St. Andrews University, where he distinguished himself as a classical scholar. In 1759 he became assistant minister at Errol, but after four years was dismissed “for teaching obnoxious