Johannes Oecolampadius
b. 1482 – d. November 24, 1531 • Protestant • Protestant Reformer
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Oecolampadius, Johannes
Oecolampadius, Johannes (1482–1531), Reformer. His real name was ‘Hussgen’. A native of Weinsberg in Württemberg, he studied in Heidelberg, Bologna, and Basle, acquiring a very good knowledge not only of theology but also of Greek and Hebrew. In 1515 he helped J. *Froben with the printing of *Erasmus’
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Oecolampadius, John
Oecolampadius, John (1482–1531)Born in Weinsberg, in the Palatinate, Johann Hüssgen or Hauschein (“candlestick”) pursued the Christian humanists’ literary and historical studies at Heidelberg, Bologna, and Tübingen. Having mastered the classical languages, he grecized his name to Oecolampadius. Erasmus
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Oecolampadius (1482–1531)
Oecolampadius (1482–1531)Johannes Huszgen, or Oecolampadius, was a hero of the *Reformation whose reputation is comparatively unsung. His education was eclectic and thorough: Bologna, Heidelberg, Tübingen and a spell as the Elector Palatine Philip’s appointed tutor at Mainz before becoming a ‘preacher-confessor’ (an
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Oecolampadius, John
Oecolampadius, John(1482–1531), German theologian and Protestant Reformer. John Oecolampadius was born in Weinsberg, Germany. He was a humanist and scholar in the writings of the Church Fathers, and he aided Huldrych Zwingli in reforming the churches at Basel, Switzerland. He studied at Heidelberg and
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Œcolampadius (John) (1482–1531).—His true name was Hausschein. Protestant, born at Weinsberg, Franconia, died at Basle. Religious of St. Bridget, became Zwinglian, left Germany and settled at Basle. Œcolampadius was to Zwingli, what Melanchthon had been to Luther.
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Oecolampadius, John
Oecolampadius, John (1482–1531). His original name was Hussgen. He was a Protestant reformer who was born in Weinsberg and died in Basel. After studying in the humanities in his native country, he went to Bologna to pursue a career in law. In 1499 his theological interests led him once more to Bologna
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Oecolampadius, Johannes (Hussgen)
Oecolampadius, Johannes (Hussgen) (1482–1531). As a Christian humanist and Protestant reformer in German-speaking Switzerland, Oecolampadius chose his name because it was the Greek equivalent of his German surname (literally “house lamp”). Oecolampadius began his life in the church as a Roman Catholic.
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Oecolampadius, Johannes
Oecolampadius, JohannesAs humanist theologian and early supporter of Luther in Basel, Johannes Oecolampadius (1482–1531) became one of the most influential opponents of Luther’s understanding of the Lord’s Supper. He was born Johannes Husschin in Weinsberg in southwestern Germany and adopted the Graecized
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Oecolampadius, John (1482–1531)
OECOLAMPADIUS, JOHN (1482–1531)Born in Weinsberg in Württemberg, Germany, Oecolampadius attended Heidelberg University and was soon in touch with a *humanist circle which included Jacob Wimpfeling (1450–1528), Johannes Reuchlin (1455–1522), *Melanchthon and *Bucer. After a period as a tutor to the children
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Oecolampadius (Johannes Heussgen) (1482–1531)One of the leaders of the Reformation in SwitzerlandA brilliant philologist in Latin, Greek, and Hebrew, Oecolampadius studied at Heilbronn, Bologna, and Heidelberg. Well-versed in the thought of Thomas Aquinas and the medieval mystics, he acted as the tutor