Johannes Gutenberg
b. 1398 – d. February 3, 1468
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Gutenberg, Johann
Gutenberg, Johann (c. 1396–1468), inventor of printing. Born at Mainz, c. 1430 Gutenberg left for Strasbourg where he engaged in several technical projects. By 1448 he had returned to Mainz at which date he borrowed the sum of 150 Rhenish guilder, probably for developing his invention of printing. He
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Gutenberg, Johannes
Gutenberg, JohannesThe Gutenberg Bible was the first book to be made using the printing press and movable type. It was …Graphic House/EB Inc.(1395?–1468). German craftsman Johannes Gutenberg is believed to have developed the first printing press. He did not actually invent printing, nor did he print
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Gutenberg, Johannes
Gutenberg, Johannes (c. 1396–1468). A Mainz goldsmith, Gutenberg was a creative inventor who perfected a mold to cast movable type and a press for use in printing. His first books came off the press in the mid-1450s, and in 1461 he finished the famous Gutenberg Bible. Gutenberg’s inventions dramatically
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Gutenberg, Johann
Gutenberg, Johann (c. 1398–1468)German pioneer printerEvidently born into a prosperous Mainz family, he was called Johann Gensfleisch eur Laden, but adopted his mother’s name, Gutenberg. Through family connections, he entered the well-known goldsmiths’ guild of Mainz. He practiced metalwork there until