Johannes Cocceius
b. August 9, 1603 – d. November 4, 1669 • Theologian
The Oxford Dictionary of the Christian Church
Cocceius, Johannes
Cocceius, Johannes (1603–69), Johann Koch, dogmatic theologian. Born in Bremen, where he studied under Matthias Martinius, in 1629 he moved to Franeker, where William *Ames and Sixtinus Amama were amongst his teachers. He taught at Bremen from 1630 to 1636, when he returned to Franeker as Professor of
Encyclopedia of the Reformed Faith
Cocceius, Johannes
Cocceius, Johannes (1603–1669)A foremost seventeenth century biblical interpreter, Johann Koch (Lat. Cocceius) is known for federal or covenant theology. German by birth, he taught at Bremen, Franeker and Leiden, where he was professor of theology (1650–69).Cocceius’s writings include commentaries;
The Dictionary of Historical Theology
Cocceius, Johannes (1603–69)
Cocceius, Johannes (1603–69)Johannes Cocceius (Johann Cock or Coch) was the son of Timmann Cock, city secretary and judicial adviser to the guild at Bremen, and Elisabeth Bake. He studied philology, theology and philosophy at the Gymnasium Illustre in Bremen from 1620, and then oriental languages in
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Cocceius, Johannes
Cocceius, Johannes (1603–69). Also known as Koch, Cox, Coccejus. German Protestant theologian, professor of Hebrew in Bremen (1630), then in Franeker (1636), and finally professor of dogmatic theology in Leiden (1636). Starting from the principle that the Bible, and only the Bible, is the Word of God,
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Cocceius, Johannes
Cocceius, Johannes (1603–1669). A Dutch Reformed theologian best known for his contribution to *covenant or federal theology. Building on the work of John *Calvin, Zacharias *Ursinus and Caspar Olevianus, Cocceius articulated not just two covenants—the covenant of works with Adam and the covenant of
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Cocceius, Johannes
Cocceius, Johannes (1603–69). A linguist and biblical theologian, Johann Koch (Latinized to Cocceius) was born in Bremen. In his inaugural at Bremen in 1630, where he was appointed professor of Oriental languages, Cocceius defended the science of biblical philology and indicated aversion to scholastic
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Cocceius, Johannes (1603–69)
COCCEIUS, JOHANNES (1603–69)Johannes Cocceius was a prominent seventeenth-century Bible scholar, who worked in the tradition of advanced humanist scholarship (see *Humanism, Renaissance) and *Reformed theology. German by birth, he taught at Bremen, Franeker and Leiden. He was a prolific author, and
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Cocceius, Johannes
Cocceius, Johannes (1603–1669)Reformed linguist and father of “federal theology”A German by birth, Cocceius was educated at Hamburg and Franeker and taught at Bremen, Franeker, and Leyden. He denounced the scholastic tendencies within Calvinistic orthodoxy and emphasized the need to develop theology