Johann Jakob Griesbach
b. January 4, 1745 – d. March 24, 1812 • Scholar
The Oxford Dictionary of the Christian Church
Griesbach, Johann Jakob
Griesbach, Johann Jakob (1745–1812), NT scholar. A pupil of J. S. *Semler, he was professor of the NT at Jena from 1775 until his death. The first critic to make a systematic application of literary analysis to the Gospels, he maintained that St *Mark was the latest of the three Synoptists and
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Griesbach, Johann Jakob
Griesbach, Johann Jakob (1745–1812)Noted German New Testament scholarGriesbach became a private tutor at Tübingen University in 1771. In 1775 he became a professor at Jena, where he taught until his death. He authored numerous critical works on the New Testament.Griesbach laid the foundations of modern