Johann Heermann
b. October 11, 1585 – d. February 17, 1647 • Hymn writer • Poet
The Lutheran Cyclopedia
Heermann, Johannes
Heermann, Johannes, b. 1585, at Raudten, Silesia, d. 1647, at Lissa, Posen. He was educated at Wohlau, at Fraustadt (where he lived with Valerius Herberger), at Breslau and Brieg; pastor at Koeben-on-the-Oder, 1611. In 1634, on account of an affection of his throat, he had to cease preaching, and in
Who’s Who in Christian History
Heermann, Johann
Heermann, Johann (1585–1647)German hymn writerMany consider Heermann to be the greatest German hymn writer between Luther and the incomparable Paulus Gerhardt. He was born in Silesia and became distinguished for culture and scholarship. Much of his life as a pastor witnessed the unspeakable horrors