Johann Froben
b. 1460 – d. October 27, 1527
The Oxford Dictionary of the Christian Church
Froben, Johann
Froben, Johann (c. 1460–1527), ‘Frobenius’, printer and scholar. A native of Hammelburg, Bavaria, Froben started a press in Basle in 1491. After working in close association with Johannes Amerbach (1443–1513) and Johannes Petri (d. 1512), Froben started publishing on his own account in 1512. His press
Who’s Who in Christian History
Froben, John
Froben, John (1460–1527)Swiss printer and publisherBorn at Hammelburg, Bavaria, Froben studied at Basel (Switzerland), where he established his first printing press in 1491. At first he collaborated with J. Petri and later with John Amerbach, eventually acquiring seven presses. After 1513 he worked