Johann Eck
b. November 13, 1486 – d. February 13, 1543 • Roman catholic • Scholar • Theologian
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Eck, Johann
Eck, Johann (1486–1543), Johann Maier ‘of Eck’ (his birthplace, Egg an der Günz), hence Eckius, German theologian. From 1510 till his death he was professor of theology at Ingolstadt. He came under humanist influences, and his early writings, which included commentaries on *Aristotle and Petrus Hispanus
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Eck, Johannes (1486–1543)
Eck, Johannes (1486–1543)Theologian and controversialist, responsible in large part for shaping the early Catholic response to the challenge of Protestantism. Christened Johann Maier in the city of his birth, Egg (Eck) in Swabia, the precocious young Eck entered the University of Heidelberg at age twelve,
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Eck, Johann Maier
Eck, Johann Maier (1486–1543). Also known as Johann Eck of Ingolstadt. One of the most important Catholic polemicists during the rise of the Protestant movement in Europe in the sixteenth century, and the chief adversary of ⇒Luther. He was born in the Swabian town Egg an der Günz, from which he later
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Eck, Johann
Eck, Johann (1486–1543). A renowned professor of theology at Ingolstadt University in Germany, Eck, born Johann Maier, was deeply influenced by biblical *humanism and produced a German vernacular Bible for Catholic use. In his famous Leipzig debate with *Luther in 1519, Eck championed papal authority
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Eck, John
Eck, JohnThe preacher and exegete John Eck (1486–1543) was chair of theology at the University of Ingolstadt. He was also an opponent of Luther at the Leipzig Disputation of 1519 and promulgator of the papal bull Exsurge Domine (June 15, 1520) in Saxony. Born in the German region of Swabia, Eck entered
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Eck, Johann
Eck, Johann (1486–1543). Born Johann Maier at Eck (or Egg) in Swabia, Eck is little remembered except as Luther’s opponent. After studying at Heidelberg, Tübingen, and Freiburg, in 1510 he achieved a doctorate in theology and joined the faculty at Ingolstadt, later becoming pro-chancellor. He made a
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Eck, Johann
Eck, Johann (1486–1543)German Roman Catholic scholar; remembered chiefly for his opposition to Protestant reformer Martin LutherBorn as Johann Mayr (or Maier) at Eck (Egg) in Swabia, he studied at Heidelberg, Tübingen, and Freiburg. In 1510 he joined the faculty at Ingolstadt and in his later years