Johann David Michaelis
b. February 27, 1717 – d. August 22, 1791 • Scholar • Teacher
The Oxford Dictionary of the Christian Church
Michaelis, Johann David
Michaelis, Johann David (1717–91), German Protestant theologian. He was professor of oriental languages and theology at Göttingen from 1746 to his death, and is important chiefly for his studies in Hebrew and Arabic and his research work on the early versions of the Bible, esp. the *Peshitta. In 1750
The Lutheran Cyclopedia
Michaelis, Johann David
Michaelis, Johann David, son of C. B., b. 1717, in Halle, studied medicine and then theology, travelled in Holland and England (1741), became privat-dozent in Göttingen (1745), and prof. (1780), d. 1790. Led from Pietism to rationalism by Wolff’s philosophy, he denied that he had ever experienced any
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Michaelis, Johann David
Michaelis, Johann David (1717–1791)German biblical scholar and Bible translatorBorn at Halle, Michaelis became professor of philosophy (1746–1750) and oriental languages (1750–1791) at Göttingen. In his annotated translation of the Old Testament (thirteen volumes, 1769–1791) and New Testament (two