Johann Cochlaeus
b. 1479 – d. January 10, 1552 • Roman catholic
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Cochlaeus, Johannes
Cochlaeus, Johannes (1479–1552), RC controversialist. His real name was Dobeneck. He went to *Cologne in 1504, where he developed a distaste for *Scholasticism and a strong sympathy for the *Platonist and humanist revival of the Renaissance. In 1521 and the following years he was engaged in writing
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Cochlaeus, Johannes
Cochlaeus, Johannes (1479–1552). Humanist, priest, theologian, and opponent of Luther. He was born in Wendelstein, near Nüremberg, and died in Breslau. He came from peasant origins, and studied humanities first in Nüremberg and then more intensively in Cologne (1504–7). He published books and made contributions
Dictionary of Luther and the Lutheran Traditions
Cochlaeus, Johannes
Cochlaeus, JohannesThe German humanist and Catholic controversialist Johannes Cochlaeus (1479–1552) was a lifelong opponent of Luther. Born of peasants in Wendelstein as Johannes Dobneck, he studied at Nuremberg before matriculating at the University of Cologne in 1504, where he received his bachelor
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Cochlaeus, Johannes
Cochlaeus, Johannes (1479–1552)Roman Catholic controversialistCochlaeus was born in Wendelstein, near Nuremberg (Germany), and he studied in Nuremburg under Heinrich Grieninger, a humanist; he also studied at the University of Cologne (1504), where he was associated with the reformer Ulrich von Hutten.