Johan Herman Bavinck
b. November 22, 1895 – d. June 23, 1964 • Missionary • Theologian
Encyclopedia of the Reformed Faith
Bavinck, Johan H.
Bavinck, Johan H. (1895–1964)Leading missiologist among the Netherland’s conservative Reformed (Gereformeerde) church circles in the mid-twentieth century. A nephew of theologian Herman Bavinck he shared his uncle’s irenic temperament and mystical interests. Bavinck spent most of the 1920 and 1930’s
New Dictionary of Theology: Historical and Systematic
Bavinck, Johan Herman (1859–1964)
BAVINCK, JOHAN HERMAN (1859–1964)A nephew of Herman *Bavinck, Johan Bavinck studied theology in Amsterdam and Erlangen. His doctoral dissertation (1919) dealt with the medieval mystic Henry Suso (c. 1295–1366). He served as a minister in the Dutch East Indies and then in Holland at Heemstede, where
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Bavinck, Johan Herman
BAVINCK, JOHAN HERMAN (1895–1964)Dutch missionary and missiologistEducated at the Free University of Amsterdam, Bavinck received his doctorate at Erlangen University (1919). A minister of the Gereformeerde Kerken (Reformed Church), he was pastor of Dutch-speaking churches in Medan (Sumatra) and Bandung