Joan of Arc
b. 1412 – d. May 30, 1431 • Martyr • Soldier • Virgin
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Joan of Arc, St
Joan of Arc, St (1412–31), called ‘La Pucelle’, the ‘Maid of Orléans’. The setting of her life was the Hundred Years War and the civil war within France between the great houses of Orléans and Burgundy. The daughter of a peasant, she was born and brought up in Domrémy, Champagne. A pious child, she experienced
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Joan of Arc
Joan of Arc(1412?–31). One of the most romantic figures in European war history was Joan of Arc, a peasant girl who saved the kingdom of France from English domination. She has also been called the Maid of Orléans and the Maid of France. When she was only 17 years old, Joan inspired a French army to
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Joan of Arc
Joan of Arc or Jeanne la Pucelle. M. Octave Delepierre has published a pamphlet, called Doute Historique, to deny the tradition that Joan of Arc was burnt at Rouen for sorcery. He cites a document discovered by Father Vignier in the seventeenth century, in the archives of Metz, to prove that she became
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Joan of Arc
Joan of Arc (1412–1431) (Fr. Jeanne d’Arc), called “The Maid of Orléans,” was born at Dom-Remy. The French national heroine. She was the illiterate daughter of a peasant inn proprietor at Dom-Remy. At the time of her appearance in history, the English were masters of the whole of France, north of the
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Joan of Arc
Movers and ShakersJoan of ArcTeenage war hero with visions“If I were to say that God sent me, I shall be condemned, but God really did send me.”She has been called a saint, a heretic, and “a diamond among pebbles.” But who was this illiterate French peasant girl, who in 15 months changed
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Joan of Arc
Joan of Arc (1412–1431)Peasant who became a national heroine and France’s patron saintBorn Jeanne la Pucelle, Joan’s early life in Domremy, troubled by the Hundred Years’ War, was that of a typical French peasant girl, except for her unusual piety. At about the age of thirteen, Joan thought she began