Joakim (high priest)
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Joakim the High Priest
Joakim the High Priest (Ιωακιμ, Iōakim). A military and religious leader in the deuterocanonical book of Judith. He warned the residents of Bethulia and Betomasthaim to deny Holofernes, the Assyrian general, access to Jerusalem (Judith 4:6, 8, 14; 15:8).
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Joakim (Person)
JOAKIM (PERSON) [Gk Iōakim (Ἰωακιμ)]. 1. Described as a son of Zerubbabel, a priest, and a leader of returning exiles (1 Esdr 5:5). The reference to Joakim as a son of Zerubbabel conflicts with the information provided in 1 Chr 3:19, where the only sons of Zerubbabel mentioned are Meshullam, Hananiah,
The International Standard Bible Encyclopedia, Revised
2. (Jth. 4:6, 8, 14; 15:8); AV JOACIM. High priest in Jerusalem who, along with the “senate of the people of Israel,” welcomed the heroine Judith back to the city after the death of Holofernes (Jth. 15:8).
International Standard Bible Encyclopedia
JOAKIM<jo’-a-kim> ([ Ἰωακείμ, Ioakeim]; the King James Version Joacim):1. Jehoiakim, king of Judah and Jerusalem (1 Esdras 1:37-39; Baruch 1:3).2. Jehoiachin, son of (1) (1 Esdras 1:43).3. Son of Jeshua (1 Esdras 5:5), called by mistake son of Zerubbabel; in Neh 12:10, 26 his name
Ecclesiastical Dictionary: Containing, in Concise Form, Information upon Ecclesiastical, Biblical, Archæological, and Historical Subjects
Joakim or Eliakim.—King of Juda from 609 to 598 b.c., eldest son of Josias, dethroned by his brother Joachaz, restored on the throne by Nechao; he delivered himself to impiety, persecuted Jeremias, was conquered and put to death by Nabuchodonosor II. With his reign the captivity of the Jews at Babylon
The Zondervan Encyclopedia of the Bible, Volume 3, H–L
Joakim joh’uh-kim (Ιωακιμ). KJV Joacim. (1) Son of Zerubbabel (1 Esd. 5:5; no son by that name is mentioned in 1 Chr. 3:19–20).(2) A high priest in Jerusalem who exercised considerable authority in the days of Judith (Jdt. 4:6–8, 14; 15:8). Attempts to identify this figure have not been successful (see
The International Standard Bible Encyclopaedia, Volumes 1–5
JOAKIM, jō′a-kim (Ἰωακείμ, Iōakeím; AV Joacim):(1) Jehoiakim, king of Judah and Jerus (1 Esd 1:37–39; Bar 1:3).(2) Jehoiachin, son of (1) (1 Esd 1:43).(3) Son of Jeshua (1 Esd 5:5), called by mistake son of Zerubbabel; in Neh 12:10, 26 his name occurs as in 1 Esd, among the priests and Levites
All the People in the Bible: An A–Z Guide to the Saints, Scoundrels, and Other Characters in Scripture
Joakim [-uh-kim] (1) a son of Zerubbabel who returned with his father as a group leader (1 Esd. 5:5) (2) the high priest in the story of Judith (Jth. 4:6) (3) the husband of Susanna (Sus. 1:1)
The New Interpreter’s Dictionary of the Bible, Volumes 1–5
JOAKIM joh´uh-kim [Ἰωακίμ Iōakim]. 1. Son of Zerubbabel who was among those leading the Judahites back after the exile (1 Esd 5:5).2. High priest of Jerusalem in the story of Judith (Jdt 4:6, 8, 14; 15:8).3. Husband of Susannah (Sus 1:1, 4, 28, 29, 63).R. JUSTIN HARKINS
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