Jisr Banat Yaaqub
Geshur Bnot Yaacov • Jisr Banat Yacub
The Anchor Yale Bible Dictionary
Jisr Banat Yaaqub
JISR BANAT YAʿAQUB (M.R. 209268). The Lower Paleolithic site of Jisr Banat Yaʿaqub (Heb Gesher Bnot Yaacov) is located in the N sector of the Syrian/African Rift system, some 4 km S of the Huleh valley. Paleontological remains and lithic artifacts from the site were found in 1933 during the construction
The Archaeological Encyclopedia of the Holy Land
Jisr Banat Yacub
JISR BANAT YACUB This site, found in 1933, is located in the channel of the River Jordan more than a mile south of the former Lake Hula. It was excavated in 1937 by M. Stekelis, and a series of six layers was exposed to a total depth of 16 feet. Layer I consisted of gravels in which remains of a Mousterian