Jewish-Christian Relations 70-170 C.E
Christian-Jewish Relations
The Anchor Yale Bible Dictionary
Jewish-Christian Relations 70–170 C.E.
JEWISH-CHRISTIAN RELATIONS 70–170 c.e. The time between the Jewish War (ca. 70) and the age of Justin and Melito (ca. 170) was the crucial transition period for Jewish-Christian relations. Before this, Christianity was intimately, if uneasily, related to Judaism and in many ways was still a sectarian
The New Interpreter’s Dictionary of the Bible, Volumes 1–5
CHRISTIAN-JEWISH RELATIONS. For centuries most scholars asserted that Judaism and Christianity underwent a sudden and traumatic separation at some point between 70 and 135 ce. Current thinking demonstrates that the boundaries between Judaism and Christianity took centuries to develop, such that complete
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Jewish-Christian Relations
JEWISH-CHRISTIAN RELATIONSJudaism and Christianity ‘encounter’ one another textually. There is also a tradition of organized, institutional relations. More common are interactions between Jews and Christians as historical actors, which shape individuals’ perceptions of each other’s (and their own) faiths.