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Various kinds of precious stones used for a wide range of purposes, including ornamentation or as a tool. Jewels are most often employed in a symbolic or analogical way in Scripture.
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Precious Stones, Figurative and Religious Significance of
Precious Stones, Figurative and Religious Significance of Various kinds of precious stones used for a wide range of purposes, including ornamentation or as a tool. Jewels are most often employed in a symbolic or analogical way in Scripture.
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Minerals, Metals, and Precious Stones
Minerals, Metals, and Precious Stones. A mineral is a naturally occurring substance—normally an ore which must be mined and treated before the metal can be extracted. A metal is a chemical element such as iron or copper, which in its pure form is free from contamination by other materials. Metals in
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Jewel; Jewelry
Jewel; JewelryAn ornament of gold, silver, or semiprecious stones in the form of an amulet, bracelet, headdress, anklet, or the like. Near Eastern archeological excavations have revealed many examples of such ornaments, demonstrating the widespread use of semiprecious stones in settings of precious
Stones, Precious
Stones, Precious [Heb. ʿeḇen yeqārâ; Gk. líthos tímios]. I. Introduction II. Origin III. History IV. Description
Tyndale Bible Dictionary
Jewelry, Jewels
JEWELRY, JEWELS Decorated adornments. In the Bible, jewelry was used by both men and women (Ex 11:2; Is 3:18–21). Items of jewelry were given as presents (Gn 24:22, 53) and were regularly seized as spoil in war (2 Chr 20:25). Before coinage came into use, jewels were associated with gold and silver as
Stones, Precious
STONES, PRECIOUS A lengthy list of the precious stones used in OT times occurs in Exodus 28:17–20 and 39:10–13, where four rows of three stones, each engraved with the name of one of the 12 tribes of Israel, were set in the high priest’s breastplate. Other lists occur in Ezekiel 28:13 and Revelation
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Jewels, Jewelry
Jewelry of Queen Shubad of Ur, c. 2500 b.c. BMJEWELS, JEWELRY. The love of adornment has been expressed in the wearing of precious stones and the making of jewelry since the beginning of history. The practice of burying such treasures with the remains of their owners has been of inestimable help to
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Jewels and Precious Stones
JEWELS AND PRECIOUS STONES. In biblical times as nowadays various forms of jewellery were worn and highly esteemed by both men and women (Ex. 11:2; Is. 3:18–21). They were given as presents (Gn. 24:22, 53), and were an important item of spoil in war (2 Ch. 20:25). They were a form of wealth, especially
Eerdmans Bible Dictionary
Jewels. †Biblical usage prefers to refer to jewels by name (e.g., Cant. 5:14; cf. Rev. 21:19–20), as “something fashioned” (Heb. ke; e.g., Ezek. 16:17), or as “precious” (1 Kgs. 7:9) or “costly stones” (10:2) rather than by an abstract noun “jewel.”Their beauty, durability, size, and rarity
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Precious Stones
PRECIOUS STONES Man felt a great need to find an outlet for his aesthetic leanings at a very early stage in human culture. One of the ways of fulfilling this need was to acquire rare, gleaming stones. To some of these stones, of unusual shape or color, he would attribute magical or therapeutic qualities
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Stones Precious
Stones, Precious. Precious stones are frequently alluded to in the Holy Scriptures; they were known and very highly valued in the earliest times. The Tyrians traded in precious stones supplied by Syria. Ezek. 27:16. The merchants of Sheba and Raamah in south Arabia, and doubtless India and Ceylon, supplied
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Jewel, Jewelry
JEWEL, JEWELRY. In all ages and among all peoples the love of ornament has expressed itself in the making and wearing of objects of beauty in such forms as were attainable. Very early, as soon indeed as the use of metals was known, the making of jewelry, in our sense of the word, began. In the prehistoric
Easton’s Bible Dictionary
Stones, Precious
Stones, PreciousFrequently referred to (1 Kings 10:2; 2 Chr. 3:6; 9:10; Rev. 18:16; 21:19). There are about twenty different names of such stones in the Bible. They are figuratively introduced to denote value, beauty, durability (Cant. 5:14; Isa 54:11, 12; Lam. 4:7).
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Jewels and Precious Stones
JEWELS AND PRECIOUS STONES — Gems held a significant place in the life of the Hebrew people and the surrounding nations. In the ancient world the use of precious stones dates back thousands of years before Christ. Many myths and superstitions about their use existed. People attributed magical powers