Jeuel (exile)
The Lexham Bible Dictionary
Jeuel (יְעוּאֵל‎, ye'u'el). Also, Jeiel. A son or descendant of Zerah; an exile who returned to Judah (1 Chr 9:6).
The Anchor Yale Bible Dictionary
Jeuel (Person)
JEUEL (PERSON) [Heb yĕʿûʾēl (יְעוּאֵל)]. A personal name combining the theophoric element ʾēl with a component that cannot be determined with certainty. Rudolph (Esra und Nehemia HAT, 78), derives it from Ar wʿj which is used to describe the healing of broken bones or the closing of a wound and can
Jeiel (Person)
JEIEL (PERSON) [Heb yĕʿı̂ʾēl (יְעִיאֵל)]. Name of 11 people in postexilic books of the Hebrew Bible. The form of the name sometimes alternates between Jeiel (yĕʿı̂ʾēl) and Jeuel (yĕʿûʾēl) either as a Qere and Ketib or between the MT and some of the versions; this is similar to the variation between
Baker Encyclopedia of the Bible
Jeuel. 1. Descendant of Judah residing in postexilic Jersualem (1 Chr 9:6).2. Levite who took part in Hezekiah’s reforms (2 Chr 29:13, kjv Jeiel).3. Head of a family that returned to Jerusalem with Zerubbabel after the exile (Ezr 8:13, kjv Jeiel).
Tyndale Bible Dictionary
JEUEL1. Descendant of Judah residing in postexilic Jerusalem (1 Chr 9:6).2. Levite who took part in Hezekiah’s reforms (2 Chr 29:13).3. Head of a family who returned to Jerusalem with Ezra after the exile (Ezr 8:13).
The Wycliffe Bible Encyclopedia
JEUEL. Listed as head of one of the families of Judah which returned to Jerusalem after the Exile (1 Chr 9:6). See also Jeiel 7 (spelled Jeuel in RSV).
Eerdmans Dictionary of the Bible
Jeuel (Heb. yĕʿŝʾēl)1. The head of a father’s house of Zerah of the tribe of Judah; a clan listed among the returning exiles who settled in Jerusalem (1 Chr. 9:6).2. A Levite of the sons of Elizaphan; one of 14 who cleansed the temple during Hezekiah’s renewal (2 Chr. 29:13; probably to be read
Smith’s Bible Dictionary
Je´uel, a chief man of Judah, one of the Bene-Zerah. 1 Chron. 9:6; comp. 2. [Jeiel.]
The New Unger’s Bible Dictionary
JEU´EL (je-ūʹel).1. A descendant of Zerah who, with 690 of his relatives, dwelt in Jerusalem after the captivity (1 Chron. 9:6), 536 b.c.2. One of the “last” sons of Adonikam who, with sixty males, formed part of the caravan of Ezra from Babylon to Jerusalem (Ezra 8:13; “Jeiel,” KJV), about 457 b.c.
Nelson’s New Illustrated Bible Dictionary
JEUEL [JOO uhl] — a descendant of Zerah. Jeuel and his clan lived in Jerusalem after the Captivity (1 Chr. 9:6). Also see Jeiel.