Jeshua (father of Jozabad)
Eerdmans Dictionary of the Bible
Jeshua (Person)
Jeshua (Heb. yēšûaʿ) (PERSON) (also JOSHUA)Aramaic form of the name Joshua (cf. Neh. 8:17), “Yahweh is my savior,” a common name of the Second Temple period.1. The head of the ninth division of levitical priests in the Solomonic temple (1 Chr. 24:11).2. A priest from the time of Hezekiah who aided
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Jeshua [Jesh-oo-uh](Hebrew origin: He will save)(2 Chronicles 31:15). 8th century b.c. Jeshua was a Levite who worked under Kore, assisting him in registering the priests and the Levites and distributing among the other Levites the gifts offered by the people to God, during the days of Kings Hezekiah.