Jeroboam’s Altar
The altar Jeroboam built declaring the false gods as Israel’s gods.
The Anchor Yale Bible Dictionary
Jeroboam (Person)
JEROBOAM (PERSON) [Heb yārobʿam (יָרָבְעַם)]. Two kings of N Israel bore this name, which means “may the people be great.”1. The son of Nebat, and the first king of the N kingdom of Israel (ca. 922–901 b.c.e.). Prior to his elevation to the N Israelite kingship, Jeroboam had served in Solomon’s royal
The HarperCollins Bible Dictionary (Revised and Updated)
Jeroboam I
Jeroboam (jair´uh-boh´uhm; meaning uncertain; Heb., possibly “may the people multiply” or “he who contends for the people”) I, the first king of the northern kingdom (Israel), who reigned ca. 922–901 bce. Jeroboam, the son of Nebat and Zeruah, was an Ephraimite from Zeredah who began his rise to power
Eerdmans Dictionary of the Bible
Jeroboam (Heb. yāroḇʿām)1. The first king of the northern state of Israel (ca. 924–903 b.c.e.); an Ephraimite from Zeredah, the son of Nebat and the widow Zeruah. Solomon set him over “all the forced labor of the house of Joseph” (1 Kgs. 11:28), but after becoming involved in rebellion (v. 27) and
The New Unger’s Bible Dictionary
Jeroboam I
JEROBO´AM I (jer-o-bōʹam; “the people multiplied”). Jeroboam was the name of the first (this article) and fourteenth (see article below) kings of Israel. The first king of Israel by this name was the son of Nebat, an Ephraimite, by a woman named Zeruah (1 Kings 11:26).
Harper’s Bible Dictionary
Jeroboam I
Jeroboam IJeroboam I (jair-uh-bohʹuhm; meaning uncertain; possibly Heb., ‘may the people multiply’ or ‘he who contends for the people’), the first king of the Northern Kingdom (Israel), who reigned from ca. 922 to 901 b.c. Jeroboam, the son of Nebat and Zeruah, was an Ephraimite from Zeredah who began
Bible Characters, Volume 3 (Ahithophel–Nehemiah)
LIIJeroboamGOD may have that in his heart for you, which you must not once let enter your heart for yourself. Your name may be written in the divine decree for something, the bare thought of which you must cast out of your heart like poison. And all Jeroboam’s great talents, and all his great services,
Dictionary of the Old Testament: Historical Books
JEROBOAMJeroboam was the first king of Israel immediately following the northern rebellion against the house of David in the days of Solomon’s son *Rehoboam. He is not to be confused with the later Jeroboam who reigned in the eighth century bce. His kingship covered the period of approximately 931–910
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