Jeremiah (priest under Zerubbabel)
Head of a family of Levites who returned from exile to Judah.
The Anchor Yale Bible Dictionary
Jeremiah (Person)
JEREMIAH (PERSON) [Heb yirmĕyâ (יִרְמְיָה‎); yirmĕyāhû (יִרְמְיָהוּ)]. Some 10 individuals bear this name, which may mean “may Yahu raise up” (IPN, 201), “Yahu loosens [the womb]” (BDB, 941), or “Yahu founded” (HALAT, 420). The name yirmĕyāhû occurs in an ostracon found at Lachish, which dates
Baker Encyclopedia of the Bible
Jeremiah (Person)
Jeremiah (Person). 1. Prophet to Judah before its fall in 586 bc; his name is sometimes spelled Jeremias (Mt 16:14) and Jeremy (Mt 2:17; 27:9) in the kjv.Jeremiah was born in the village of Anathoth, about three miles northeast of Jerusalem. His father’s name was Hilkiah, and he belonged to the tribe
The International Standard Bible Encyclopedia, Revised
8. A priest who, with Zerubbabel, went up to Jerusalem from exile and became head of a priestly family (Neh. 12:1, 12).
Jeremiah jer-ə-mīʹə [Heb. yirmeyāhû, yirme; Gk. Ieremias; Latin Jeremias]. A name of uncertain meaning, suggestions being “Yahweh founds,” “Yahweh exults,” “Yahweh loosens,” or “Yahweh throws.” The OT mentions nine different people by this name:
Tyndale Bible Dictionary
Jeremiah (Person)
JEREMIAH (Person)1. Prophet to Judah before its fall in 586 bc; his name is also spelled “Jeremias” (Mt 16:14) and “Jeremy” (Mt 2:17; 27:9) in the kjv.Jeremiah was born in the village of Anathoth, about three miles (4.8 kilometers) northeast of Jerusalem. His father’s name was Hilkiah, and he belonged
The Wycliffe Bible Encyclopedia
JEREMIAH1. The head of a clan in the tribe of Manasseh (1 Chr 5:24).2, 3, and 4. Three warriors who joined David at Ziklag. The second and third were Gadites (1 Chr 12:4, 10, 13).5. An Israelite resident of Libnah whose daughter Hamutal became wife of King Josiah and mother of kings Jehoahaz and Zedekiah
Eerdmans Dictionary of the Bible
Jeremiah (Heb. yirmĕyâ, yirmĕyāhû)1. A man from Libnah, the grandfather of Jehoahaz and Zedekiah, kings of Judah (2 Kgs. 23:31; 24:18). Jeremiah’s daughter Hamutal was the wife of King Josiah.2. The head of a clan of the half-tribe of Manasseh (1 Chr. 5:24). He is described as a warrior and a
Eerdmans Bible Dictionary
Jeremiah [jĕrˊə mīˊə] (Heb. yirmeyāhû, yirme “Yahweh lifts up” or “establishes”).
Catholic Bible Dictionary
JEREMIAH (Hebrew, “the Lord will restore”) One of the major prophets of the Old Testament. We know more about Jeremiah than about any of the other prophets, because the book of Jeremiah—the longest in the Bible—includes many biographical details. As with the book, the life of Jeremiah is filled with
The Oxford Dictionary of the Christian Church
Jeremiah (7th cent. bc), prophet of Judah. He was a native of Anathoth, nr. *Jerusalem, and probably belonged to the family of Abiathar, the high priest whom King *Solomon had deprived of his priestly functions. He was born c. 650, and received his vocation to the prophetic office c. 626 (Jer. 1:1–19).
Smith’s Bible Dictionary
Jeremi´ah (whom Jehovah has appointed) was “the son of Hilkiah of the priests that were in Anathoth.” Jer. 1:1.1. History.—He was called very young (b.c. 626) to the prophetic office, and prophesied forty-two years; but we have hardly any mention of him during the eighteen years between his call and
Jeremi´ah. Seven other persons bearing the same name as the prophet are mentioned in the Old Testament:—1. Jeremiah of Libnah, father of Hamutal wife of Josiah. 2 Kings 23:31. (b.c. before 632.)2, 3, 4 Three warriors—two of the tribe of Gad—in David’s army. 1 Chron. 12:4, 10, 13. (b.c. 1061–53.)5.
Jeremi´as, the Greek form of the name of Jeremiah the prophet. Matt. 16:14.
The New Unger’s Bible Dictionary
JEREMI´AH (jer-e-mīʹa; “Jehovah will lift up, exalt,” or “will rise”). The name of the great prophet (see article below) and of eight other persons in the Bible.1. An inhabitant of Libnah, the father of Hamutal, wife of Josiah, and mother of Jehoahaz and Zedekiah (2 Kings 23:31; 24:18; Jer. 52:1),
JEREMI´AH (jer-e-mīʹa; “Jehovah will lift up, exalt,” or “will rise”).The second of the greater prophets of the OT. He was the son of Hilkiah, a priest of Anathoth, in the land of Benjamin (Jer. 1:1). Many writers, both ancient and modern, have supposed that his father was the Hilkiah mentioned in
Jeremiah, Book of (Writing)
JEREMIAH, BOOK OF. The prophesies of Jeremiah are named after the prophet himself, Yirmeyahu or Yirmeyah. His ministry extended over the last tragic forty years of the kingdom of Judah to the destruction of Jerusalem and the deportation of its inhabitants to Babylon.
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