Jenny Geddes
b. 1600 – d. 1660
The Oxford Dictionary of the Christian Church
Geddes, Jenny
Geddes, Jenny. Acc. to tradition, the name of a vegetable-seller who, on Sunday, 23 July 1637, threw her folding stool at the head of David Lindsay, Bp. of Edinburgh, in St Giles’ Cathedral when the new and hated Scottish Prayer Book was used for the first time.The occurrence of a tumult on the
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Geddes, Jenny
Geddes, Jenny (died c. 1661)Scottish vegetable sellerA persistent but unverifiable story features Geddes as the instigator of a riot that broke out in St. Giles’s Church, Edinburgh, against an official attempt to impose Laud’s Liturgy on the Church of Scotland in 1637. The doughty lady is said to have