Jehallelel (father of Azariah)
The Lexham Bible Dictionary
Jehallelel, Father of Azariah
Jehallelel, Father of Azariah (יְהַלֶּלְאֵל‎, yehallel'el). Father of one of the Levites who cleansed the temple under King Hezekiah (2 Chr 29:12).
The Anchor Yale Bible Dictionary
Jehallelel (Person)
JEHALLELEL (PERSON) [Heb yĕhallelʾēl (יְהַלֶּלְאֵל)]. Name of 2 individuals in Chronicles. The etymology of the name is difficult to ascertain. Its verbal element (yĕhallel) is a Piʿel, and would seem to be derived from the Piʿel verb, hillel, “to praise,” which is common in the Hebrew Bible. But
Baker Encyclopedia of the Bible
Jehaleleel. kjv spelling of Jehallelel, a Judahite, in 1 Chronicles 4:16.See Jehallelel #1.
Jehalelel. kjv spelling of Jehallelel, a Levite, in 2 Chronicles 29:12.See Jehallelel #2.
Jehallelel. 1. Descendant of Judah who had three sons (1 Chr 4:16, kjv Jehaleleel).2. Levite of the family of Merari whose son Azariah participated in the cleansing of the temple in Hezekiah’s time (2 Chr 29:12, kjv Jehalelel).
The International Standard Bible Encyclopedia, Revised
Jehallelel jə-halʹə-lel [Heb. yehallelʾēl—‘may God shine forth’]; AV JEHALELEEL.
Tyndale Bible Dictionary
JEHALLELEL1. Descendant of Judah who had four sons (1 Chr 4:16).2. Levite of the family of Merari whose son Azariah participated in the cleansing of the temple in Hezekiah’s time (2 Chr 29:12).
The Wycliffe Bible Encyclopedia
JEHALELEEL. A more correct form of Jehallelel (RSV). The word means “he shall praise God.”1. The name of a Judahite (1 Chr 4:16).2. A Levite, a descendant of Merari (2 Chr 29:12); “Jehalelel” in KJV).
Eerdmans Dictionary of the Bible
Jehallelel (Heb. yĕhallelʾēl)1. A descendant of Judah, probably the eponymous ancestor of a clan (1 Chr. 4:16).2. A Merarite Levite; the father of Azariah (18; 2 Chr. 29:12).
Smith’s Bible Dictionary
Jehal´ele-el (who praises God). Four men of the Bene-Jehaleleel are introduced abruptly into the genealogies of Judah. 1 Chron. 4:16.
Jehal´elel (who praises God), a Merarite Levite, father of Azariah. 2 Chron. 29:12.
The New Unger’s Bible Dictionary
JEHALL´ELEL (je-halʹe-lel; “praiser of God”).1. Descendants of Judah whose own immediate parentage is not known. Four of his sons are enumerated (1 Chron. 4:16).2. A Merarite Levite whose son, Azariah, took part in the restoration of the Temple in the time of Hezekiah (2 Chron. 29:12), 719 b.c.
Easton’s Bible Dictionary
Jehaleleelpraiser of God. (1.) A descendant of Judah (1 Chr. 4:16).(2.) A Levite of the family of Merari (2 Chr. 29:12).
Nelson’s New Illustrated Bible Dictionary
JAHALELEEL [juh HAH luh leel] (may God shine forth) — a descendant of Judah through Caleb (1 Chr. 4:16; Jehallelel, NIV, NRSV; Jehaleleel, KJV).
JEHALELEL [juh HAH lih lel] (may God shine forth) — a Levite who lived during the reign of King Hezekiah of Judah (2 Chr. 29:12; Jehallelel, NRSV).
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