The Lexham Bible Dictionary
Jecoliah (יְכָלְיָ֫הוּ‎, yekholyahu). The mother of King Uzziah (2 Kgs 15:2; 2 Chr 26:3).
The Anchor Yale Bible Dictionary
Jecoliah (Person)
JECOLIAH (PERSON) [Heb yĕkolyâ (יְכָלְיָה)]. Mother of Azariah, King of Judah (2 Kgs 15:2 = 2 Chr 26:3). Her name means “YHWH is able/has the power” (Stamm 1967: 311). Jecoliah was one of 3 queen mothers from Jerusalem (the others being Jehoaddan and Nehushta). Her father’s name is unknown. The form
Baker Encyclopedia of the Bible
Jecoliah. Mother of King Azariah (Uzziah) (2 Kgs 15:2, kjv Jecholiah; 2 Chr 26:3).
Jecholiah. kjv spelling of Jecoliah, King Azariah’s mother, in 2 Kings 15:2.See Jecoliah.
The International Standard Bible Encyclopedia, Revised
Jecoliah jek-ə-līʹə [Heb. yeḵolyāhû (2 K. 15:2); Q yeḵolyâ, K yeḵîlyâ (2 Ch. 26:3)]; AV also JECHOLIAH. The mother of King Uzziah (Azariah) of Judah.
Tyndale Bible Dictionary
JECHOLIAH* kjv spelling of Jecoliah, King Azariah’s mother, in 2 Kings 15:2. See Jecoliah.
The Wycliffe Bible Encyclopedia
JECHOLIAH. Wife of King Amaziah and mother of Aziarah (Uzziah), king of Judah (2 Kgs 15:1–2). In 2 Chr 26:3 her name is give as Jecoliah.
Eerdmans Dictionary of the Bible
Jecoliah (Heb. yĕḵolyāhû, yĕḵolyâ)The wife of King Amaziah of Judah and mother of Azariah (3; Uzziah; 2 Kgs. 15:2 = 2 Chr. 26:3).
Eerdmans Bible Dictionary
Jecoliah [jĕkˊə līˊə] (Heb. yeḵolyāhû, yeḵolyâ “Yahweh is able”). The wife of King Amaziah of Judah and mother of Azariah 3 (Uzziah; 2 Kgs. 15:2; KJV “Jecholiah”; 2 Chr. 26:3).
Smith’s Bible Dictionary
Jecholi´ah (strong through Jehovah), wife of Amaziah king of Judah, and mother of Azariah or Uzziah his successor. 2 Kings 15:2. (b.c. 824–807.)
The New Unger’s Bible Dictionary
JECOLI´AH (jek-ō-liʹa; “able through Jehovah”). Wife of Amaziah, king of Judah, and mother of Azariah, or Uzziah (2 Kings 15:2), about 797 b.c. In 2 Chron. 26:3 her name is Jechiliah (Jecoliah in the NIV). In the KJV she is known as Jecholiah and Jecoliah.
Easton’s Bible Dictionary
Jecoliahable through Jehovah, the wife of King Amaziah, and mother of King Uzziah (2 Chr. 26:3).
Nelson’s New Illustrated Bible Dictionary
JECHOLIAH [jek uh LIGH uh] (the Lord is able) — the mother of Azariah (or Uzziah), king of Judah (2 Kin. 15:2; 2 Chr. 26:3; Jechiliah, NASB; Jecoliah, NIV, REB, NRSV). She was the wife of King Amaziah of Judah, the father and predecessor of Azariah.
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