Jebel Qaaqir
The Lexham Bible Dictionary
Jebel Qaaqir
Qaaqir, Jebel A hilltop site located in the Hebron Hills that includes a necropolis and a settlement dating to the Early Bronze Age IV. Also known as “Mountain of the Cairns.”
The Anchor Yale Bible Dictionary
Qaaqir, Jebel
QAʿAQIR, JEBEL (M.R. 145103). A mountain (Arabic, “Mountain of the Cairns”) situated on a ridge eight miles W of Hebron, near the modern village of Simiyeh, at an altitude of about 400 m. It is located just at the E edge of the Shephelah, where it borders upon the lower slopes of the central hills, in
The New Interpreter’s Dictionary of the Bible, Volumes 1–5
QAʿAQIR, JEBEL. Jebel Qaʿaqir, a large cemetery of the Early Bronze Age IV (ca. 2200–2000 bce) in the Judean foothills 12 mi. west of Hebron, was discovered by William G. Dever and excavated by him in 1967–71. The expedition investigated hundreds of typical Early Bronze Age IV shaft tombs that had been