Jean-François Champollion
b. December 23, 1790 – d. March 4, 1832 • Scholar
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Champollion, Jean-François
Champollion, Jean-François(1790–1832). The work of Jean-François Champollion allowed scholars, for the first time, to decipher the hieroglyphic picture writing of the ancient Egyptians. A brilliant historian and linguist, Champollion is remembered today as the founder of scientific Egyptology.Champollion
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Champollion, Jean-François
Champollion, Jean-François (1790–1832)French scholar; especially known for decoding Egyptian hieroglyphics (from the Rosetta Stone) in 1822Champollion founded the Egyptian museum of the Louvre in Paris, conducted a scientific expedition to Egypt to copy inscriptions and obtain antiquities (1828–1829),