The Lexham Bible Dictionary
Jaoel (יואל‎, yw'l/יהואל‎, yhw'l, Ἰαοήλ, Iaoēl, Ἰαήλ, Iaēl). The chief angel of heaven who brings Abraham on a celestial journey in the pseudepigraphical Apocalypse of Abraham (Apoc. Ab.). An angel who bears God’s name in the Slavonic Life of Adam and Eve (L.A.E.).
The Anchor Yale Bible Dictionary
Jaoel (Angel)
JAOEL (ANGEL). The name of an archangel (Gk Iaoēl) also called Jael in pseudepigraphic writings. In the Apocalypse of Abraham (from the late 1st or early 2d century c.e.) Jaoel serves as Abraham’s heavenly guide and also strengthens and protects him (10:3). The name Jaoel is one of the indications that
Eerdmans Dictionary of the Bible
Joel (Heb. yôʾēl)A common name in the OT (Heb. “Yah[weh] is God”).1. The elder son of the prophet Samuel. He and his brother Abijah were appointed by their father to be judges in Beer-sheba, but they perverted justice and accepted bribes (1 Sam. 8:1–3). According to 1 Chr. 6:33 (MT 18); 15:17 he