James Guthrie
b. 1612 – d. June 1, 1661 • Martyr • Presbyterian
The Oxford Dictionary of the Christian Church
Guthrie, James
Guthrie, James (c. 1612–61), Scottish *Presbyterian. He was educated at St Leonard’s College, St Andrews. At first an Episcopalian, he became a Presbyterian under the influence of S. *Rutherford and was ordained a minister in 1642. From 1644 to 1651 he was a member of the *General Assembly. In 1650
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Guthrie, James
Guthrie, James (c. 1612–1661)Scottish ministerBorn into an Episcopalian family in Angus, Guthrie came under the influence of Samuel Rutherford at St. Andrews, signed the National Covenant in 1638, and was ordained minister at Lauder in 1642, transferring to Stirling in 1649. He stoutly denied the young