The Lexham Bible Dictionary
Jahzeel, Son of Naphtali
Jahzeel, Son of Naphtali (יַחְצִיאֵל‎, yachtsi'el; יַחְצְאֵל‎, yachtse'el). Also known as Jahziel. Progenitor of the Jahzeelites and firstborn son of Naphtali (Gen 46:24; Num 26:48; 1 Chr 7:13).
The Anchor Yale Bible Dictionary
Jahzeel (Person)
JAHZEEL (PERSON) [Heb yaḥṣĕʾēl (יַחְצְאֵל)]. Var. JAHZIEL. JAHZEELITES. The 1st of the 4 sons of Naphtali (Gen 46:24). Jahzeel was also the grandson of Jacob and Bilhah (Gen 30:7–8), the maid whom Laban gave to his daughter Rachel at the occasion of Jacob’s marriage to Rachel (Gen 29:29). He is included
Baker Encyclopedia of the Bible
Jahzeel, Jahzeelite. Naphtali’s son (Gn 46:24; 1 Chr 7:13, Jahziel) and founder of the Jahzeelite family (Nm 26:48).
Jahziel. Alternate spelling of Jahzeel, Naphtali’s son, in 1 Chronicles 7:13.See Jahzeel, Jahzeelite.
The International Standard Bible Encyclopedia, Revised
Jahzeel jäʹzeēl [Heb. yaḥṣeʾēl—‘God divides, apportions’ (Gen. 46:24; Nu. 26:48; 23 MSS in 1 Ch. 7:13)] and
Jahziel[Heb yaḥaṣîʿēl (1 Ch. 7:13)]. A descendant of Naphtali and ancestor of a clan.
Tyndale Bible Dictionary
JAHZEEL, JAHZEELITE Naphtali’s son (Gn 46:24; 1 Chr 7:13) and founder of the Jahzeelite family (Nm 26:48).
JAHZIEL* Alternate spelling of Jahzeel, Naphtali’s son, in 1 Chronicles 7:13 (nlt mg). See Jahzeel, Jahzeelite.
The Wycliffe Bible Encyclopedia
JAHZEEL, JAHZEELITESThe firstborn son of Naphtali and founder of a tribal family (Gen 46:24; Num 26:48). In 1 Chr 7:13 he is called Jahziel.
Eerdmans Dictionary of the Bible
Jahzeel (Heb. yaḥṣĕʾēl), JAHZIEL (yaḥṣɩ̂ʾēl)A son of Naphtali (Gen. 46:24), ancestor of the Jahzeelites (Heb. hayyaḥṣĕʾēlɩ̂; Num. 26:48). At 1 Chr. 7:13 his name is given as Jahziel.
Eerdmans Bible Dictionary
Jahzeel [jäˊzĭ əl] (Heb. yaḥṣe˒ēl “God apportions”). A son of Naphtali (Gen. 46:24); at 1 Chr. 7:13 his name is given as Jahziel. His descendants are called Jahzeelites (Heb. hayyaḥ ṣe˒ēlî; Num. 26:48).
Jahziel [jäˊzĭ əl] (Heb. yaḥaṣî˒ēl). Alternate form of Jahzeel, a descendant of Naphtali (1 Chr. 7:13).
Smith’s Bible Dictionary
Jaha´zi-el (whom God watches over).1. One of the heroes of Benjamin who joined David at Ziklag. 1 Chron. 12:4. (b.c. 1055.)2. A priest in the reign of David. 1 Chron. 16:6.3. A Kohathite Levite, third son of Hebron. 1 Chron. 23:19; 24:23.4. Son of Zechariah, a Levite of the Bene-Asaph in the reign
Jah´ze-el (whom God allots), the first of the four sons of Naphtali, Gen. 46:24; founder of the family of the Jahzeelites. Num. 26:48. (b.c. 1306.)
The New Unger’s Bible Dictionary
JAH´ZEEL (jaʹze-el; “allotted by God”). The first named of the sons of Naphtali (Gen. 46:24). His descendants are called Jahzeelites (Num. 26:48). In 1 Chron. 7:13 and Gen. 46:24 (NIV) the name is written Jahziel (which see).
Nelson’s New Illustrated Bible Dictionary
JAHZEEL [JAH zih uhl] — a son of Naphtali and ancestor of the Jahzeelites (Gen. 46:24), also spelled Jahziel (1 Chr. 7:13).
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