Jacob’s Stone
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Jacob’s Ladder
Jacob’s Ladder Overviews interpretations of the biblical account of Jacob’s dream in Gen 28:10–22
Jacob’s Ladder, Pseudepigraphon
Jacob’s Ladder, Text A pseudepigraphical document based on Genesis 32. Preserved in a shorter form (usually called R1) and a longer form (typically called R2). Probably dates from 200 bcad 200.The Ladder of Jacob is preserved in two distinct Slavonic versions in the Palaea interpretata—a compilation
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Jacob, Ladder of
JACOB, LADDER OF. This pseudepigraphon is a haggadic exegetical expansion of Jacob’s vision (Gen 28:11–22) with apocalyptic elements. Seven chapters describe the ladder stretching into heaven; the first 6 are probably Jewish, and the final one is an expansion by a Christian, who prophesies regarding
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Jacob’s Ladder
JACOB’S LADDER* When Jacob left home after deceiving his father, Isaac, into giving him the blessing that Isaac had intended for Esau (Gn 27:6–40), he was not only desirous of finding a wife from among the daughters of his mother’s brother, but he was also literally fleeing for his life, because Esau
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B. Jacob’s Ladder
B. Jacob’s LadderTo escape the anger and vengeance of Esau and also to obtain a wife from his parents’ lineage (rather than a Canaanite), Jacob heeded his mother’s counsel and set out for Haran (Paddan-Aram), the dwelling place of Laban, his maternal uncle (Gen 27:41–45). On his journey to Haran, Jacob
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Jacob'S Ladder
Jacob’s LadderBeloved by children and painters, extravagantly allegorized throughout the history of biblical interpretation (Jeffrey) and an inspiration to hymn writers, the evocative image of Jacob’s ladder is mentioned only once in the Bible. Fleeing to Haran after decisively alienating his brother
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Jacob’s Ladder
Jacob’s Ladder. A ladder seen by the patriarch Jacob in a vision. It was set on the earth, and reached to heaven, and angels seemed to be ascending and descending on it (Gen. 28:12). Jacob is, on this account, a cant name for a ladder. There is a pretty blue flower so called.
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Jacob, Ladder of
Jacob, Ladder of. Title given to a pseudepigraphic writing, dating possibly to c. A.D. 100, but preserved only, and with many editorial changes, in a medieval Slavonic work. It may be described as an apocalyptic expansion of the narrative about Jacob’s vision of a ladder (Gen. 28:11–22). The work places
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JACOB, LADDER OF. The Ladder of Jacob is an early Jewish haggadic story that expands the vision of Jacob (Gen 28:11–22; see GENESIS, BOOK OF). The first six chaps. of this pseudepigraphical work describe the ladder reaching heaven, while the final chap., possibly added by a Christian, prophesies the
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