Jacob’s Son
The Lexham Bible Dictionary
Jacob, Son of Isaac
Jacob, Son of Isaac (יַעֲקֹב‎, ya'aqov). The younger son of Isaac and Rebekah. Patriarch of the 12 tribes of Israel.
The Anchor Yale Bible Dictionary
Jacob Narrative
JACOB NARRATIVE. Jacob was the younger son of Isaac and Rebekah, twin brother of Esau, and father of the 12 sons after whom were named the 12 tribes of Israel. He is the central figure in the cycle of stories in Gen 25:19–35:29 and reappears as a lesser figure in the Joseph stories (Genesis 37–50). In
The International Standard Bible Encyclopedia, Revised
Israel izʹrē-əl [Heb. yiśrāʾēl; Gk. Israēl]. The name given to Jacob and later adopted by his descendants as their political-religious title.
Tyndale Bible Dictionary
Israel (Person)
ISRAEL (Person) Name meaning “one who struggles with God” or “God struggles” (Gn 32:28, nlt mg). It was given to Isaac’s son Jacob and to his descendants (35:9–12; cf. Dt 6:1–4). See Jacob #1; Israel, History of.
The HarperCollins Bible Dictionary (Revised and Updated)
Israel (iz´ray-uhl; Heb., “may God contend” or possibly “may God rule”).1 The name given by God to Jacob, an ancestor of the people who would thereafter be known as the Israelites. In Gen. 32:28 Jacob is given the name “Israel” after a struggle with a divine being on the bank of the Jabbok (the name
Jacob (jay´kuhb; Heb., “heel grabber” [Gen. 25:26] or “supplanter” [27:36]).1 A prominent figure in the book of Genesis, remembered among the ancestors of Israel; indeed, he came to be called “Israel” (32:28; 35:10), so in a certain sense “Israelites” are, by definition, descendants of Jacob. He is
The Wycliffe Bible Encyclopedia
ISRAEL. The name Israel first appears in (Gen 32:28), where the Angel of the Lord bestowed it upon Jacob q.v. during His encounter with him at Peniel. Jacob had refused to let Him go until he had given him a blessing, and so God granted him the new title of Yiśrā’ēl, stating that he had persistently
The New Bible Dictionary, Third Edition
ISRAEL (Heb. yiśrā’ēl, ‘God strives’). 1. The new name given to Jacob after his night of wrestling at Penuel: ‘Your name’, said his supernatural antagonist, ‘shall no more be called Jacob, but Israel, for you have striven [śārîṯā, from śārâ, ‘strive’] with God and with men, and have prevailed’ (Gn.
JACOB. It is fitting that almost a quarter of the book of Genesis should be devoted to the biography of Jacob, the father of the chosen people. Written documents of the 2nd millennium bc have provided extensive material corroborating the background to the stories of Gn. 26–50. While this does not prove
Eerdmans Dictionary of the Bible
Jacob (Heb. yaʿăqōḇ)The younger son of Isaac and Rebekah, so named because he was born grasping the heel (Heb. ʿāqēḇ) of his older brother (Gen. 25:26). This folk etymology (the historical etymology is probably “May [God] protect”) indicates Jacob’s character as one who strives to overcome others,
Catholic Bible Dictionary
JACOB The younger of twin sons born to Isaac and Rebekah, the third great patriarch, and the ancestor of the twelve tribes of Israel (Gen 25:19–34; 35:22–26). The name of Jacob in Hebrew, yaʿăqōb, is associated with the Hebrew ʿāqēb, “heel,” as Jacob was born grasping the heel of his brother Esau
The Oxford Dictionary of the Christian Church
Jacob, OT *Patriarch. The story of Jacob, the son of *Isaac and grandson of *Abraham, is told in Gen. 25–50. After depriving his brother Esau of his birthright by an elaborate ruse, he fled to his mother’s brother, Laban, who lived at Haran in Mesopotamia. On the journey, at *Bethel, he received a vision
Smith’s Bible Dictionary
Is´rael (the prince that prevails with God).1. The name given, Gen. 32:28, to Jacob after his wrestling with the angel, Hos. 12:4, at Peniel. Gesenius interprets Israel “soldier of God.”2. It became the national name of the twelve tribes collectively. They are so called in Ex. 3:16 and afterward.3.
Ja´cob (supplanter), the second son of Isaac and Rebekah. He was born with Esau, probably at the well of Lahai-roi, about b.c. 1837. His history is related in the latter half of the book of Genesis. He bought the birthright from his brother Esau, and afterward acquired the blessing intended for Esau,
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