Jacob Arminius
b. October 10, 1560 – d. October 19, 1609 • Author • Theologian
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Arminius, Jacobus
Arminius, Jacobus(Jacob Harmensen, or Hermansz) (1560–1609), Dutch theologian and minister of Dutch Reformed church, born in Oudewater; opposed harsh Calvinist position on predestination for not allowing human decision a role in achieving salvation; favored conditional election, in which God elects
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Arminius and Arminians.—Arminius (1560–1609), a preacher in Amsterdam, and, in 1603, a professor in Leyden, dissented from Calvin’s severe doctrines on Free Will and Predestination, and adopted a system which he deemed less revolting to the reason of man. He was opposed by Gomar, one of his colleagues.
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Arminius, Jacob
Arminius, Jacob (1560–1609). Dutch theologian and pastor whose arguments against the Calvinist doctrine of predestination were the beginning of the Arminian movement. A. was born in Oudewater, Holland, and studied in the universities of Leiden and Geneva. In the latter he devoted himself to the study
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Arminius, Jacobus
Arminius, Jacobus (1560–1609). The Latinized name of Dutch theologian, pastor and writer Jakob Hermanszoon. He is most remembered for his views on *predestination, *free will, *grace, *atonement and *perseverance of the saints, which differed from the traditional *Augustinian and *Calvinist doctrines
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Jacob Arminius
TheologiansJacob ArminiusIrenic anti-Calvinist“That teacher obtains my highest approbation who ascribes as much as possible to divine grace.…”The year Jacob Arminius was born (in Oudewater, Holland), John Calvin was busy establishing the Genevan Academy to propagate his ideas of predestination.
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Arminius, Jakob
Arminius, Jakob (1560–1609). Born at Oudewater in the Netherlands, Arminius was educated at Marburg (1575), Leiden (1576–81), Geneva (1582, 1584–86), and Basel (1582–83). He was pastor of an Amsterdam congregation (1588–1603) and professor at the University of Leiden from 1603 until his death.He did
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Arminius, Jacobus
ARMINIUS, JACOBUS (1559–1609)Dutch theologian; founder of an anti-Calvinist Reformed theologyArminius was born in the Netherlands during the Spanish occupation, at Oudewater near Utrecht. His father, an armorer or smith, died around the time of the boy’s birth, so Arminius was educated under the direction