Jacob (patronymic)
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Jacob (Person)
JACOB (PERSON) [Heb yaʿăqob (יַעֲקָב)]. Var. ISRAEL. 1. The biblical patriarch and eponymous ancestor of the twelve tribes of Israel. See JACOB NARRATIVE.2. The son of Matthan and father of Joseph, the husband of Mary, according to Matthew’s genealogy tying Joseph to the house of David and Solomon
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Jacob (patronymic)
D. Summary Archeological discoveries and the studies of the Albright school acted as a stimulus to conservative scholarship. Despite the many attractive ideas to be found in these studies—and their conclusions must frequently command assent—the basic attitude of doubting whatever cannot be supported
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Jacob (2)
JACOB, (יַעֲקֹב‎, ya‛ăḳōbh; Ἰακώβ, Iakō̇b):(1) The patriarch (see preceding art.).(2) The father of Joseph the husband of Mary (Mt 1:15, 16).(3) Patronymic denoting the Israelites (Isa 10:21; 14:1; Jer 10:16).