Israelite Worship
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Israelite Worship
Israelite Worship Overviews the development and types of worship performed by the Israelites throughout the Old Testament.
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Worship, Israelite
Worship, IsraeliteThe liturgical life of ancient Israel can be broken down into three main rubrics:1. Fixed calendrical moments of worship. These include the three great pilgrimage festivals (Exod. 23:14–17; Deut. 16) and other minor and major festivals tied to the calendar (Lev. 23; Num. 28–29).2.
The New Interpreter’s Dictionary of the Bible, Volumes 1–5
WORSHIP, EARLY JEWISH. Early Jewish worship, in its variety of formats, may be traced from the periods before and after the Babylonian exile, through the Second Temple era and into the 1st–2nd cent. ce. It relates to the liturgies of the Jerusalem Temple, to the earliest forms of the synagogue, to the
WORSHIP, OT. Worship may be defined as devotion, praise, and adoration offered to a deity or deities, evoked by a sense of numinous transcendence. It reflects the desire to be in a healthy, positive relationship with divine power and to share in the benefits such a relationship can offer. Worship may
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