Israelite Priesthood
Hebrew Priesthood
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Priesthood, Israelite
Priesthood, IsraeliteThis article focuses on the Israelite priesthood in the wider context of the ancient Near East, because that is where it was active. Exercising caution against parallelomania, either pan-babylonianism or pan-ugaritism, we will see that the Israelite priesthood shows many affinities
Dictionary of New Testament Background
Priests, Jewish
PRIESTS AND PRIESTHOOD, JEWISHThis entry deals with the traditional view of the priesthood as it emerges from ancient biblical commentaries and age-old tradition. These sources illuminate our understanding of the NT.1. Descent and Duties of the Priests2. The High Priest3. New Testament and Talmudic
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Priesthood, Hebrew
PRIESTHOOD, HEBREW (Heb. kōhēn, one “officiating”; Gk. hiereus.) There is no consensus of opinion as to the etymology of the Heb. term kōhēn, but the supposition of Bähr (Symbolik, 2:15), in connecting it with an Arab. root that is equivalent to the Heb. root qārab (“to draw near”) answers most