Isaac Barrow
b. 1630 – d. May 4, 1677 • Theologian
The Oxford Dictionary of the Christian Church
Barrow, Isaac
Barrow, Isaac (1630–77), Anglican divine, classical scholar, and mathematician. He entered Trinity College, Cambridge, in 1643, and though a royalist and the son of a royalist, became a scholar in 1647, and a Fellow in 1649. From 1655 to 1659 he travelled in France, Italy, and the Near East, and on his
Compton’s Encyclopedia
Barrow, Isaac
Barrow, Isaac(1630–77). English classical scholar, theologian, and mathematician, Isaac Barrow was born in 1630 in London. He was ordained an Anglican minister in 1660 and embarked on a teaching career in the same year. At Cambridge University he was a professor of Greek from 1660 to 1663 and of mathematics
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Barrow, Issac
BARROW, ISSAC (1630–1677)Anglican theologian, classicist, and mathematicianAfter his education at Trinity College, Cambridge, Barrow became a fellow there in 1649. A royalist, he found it expedient to travel in Europe and the Middle East from 1655 to 1660 while England was ruled by Oliver Cromwell.